Forest Products Utilization and Management

A matured forest in North Shewa started to be utilized

A matured forest started to be utilized in North Shewa

Matured forest for utilization

AFE undertakes proper utilization of matured plantation forests

Woods for wood processing factories

Raw materials for wood processing factories are obtained from our forests

Forest utilization and yield management core process department

firewood production

Forest Utilization and Yield management Core Process Department is one of the six main departments of Amhara Forest Enterprise to meet the specific goals the organization established for. This department is duty-bounded to produce first stage forest products such as; Fire wood, Construction wood, Poles, Sawn log production for the purpose of saw mill raw material, and Engaging Forest Business Enterprises on forest business

In addition...

Despite the fact that the department has the duty of producing first stage forest products it is also its duty and task to produce and perform forest utilization document.

It is also in charge of conducting follow up on the specific procedure on how the forest production should be performed in accordance with the standard.

Clients of the department

Government organizations, forest business enterprises, non-governmental organizations, private sectors, communities dwelling around forest areas and other stakeholders

Summary of major activities

  •  In sum, the Department is in charge of carrying out the following activities Constructing forest roads for the purpose of transporting forest products produced
  •   Preparation of forest utilization document and its implementations
  •   Consulting stakeholders (which bought standing forest from AFE) on how the forest production is performed