Forest Seed Center

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AFE sells various tree seeds

AFE seed center lab

Tree Seed Laboratory of AFE in Bahirdar

Seed germination test

Germination test taking place in AFE Tree Seed Lab

Germination test of tree seed

Thorough germination tests are made in our lab

Tree Seed Center

Tree seed center

The tree seed center (TSC), under the Amhara forest Enterprise. (AFE). was established in March 2013 by the Japan government assistance forest Seed Project jointly with ministry of Agriculture. It has collaborative venture with forest research institute and higher learning institutes and other sectors. The TSC is located in kebele 14, south of the newly built bus station, with in the animal and plant laboratory main campus compound at Bahir Dar. The primary activities of the TSC is to collect seeds of superior trees/stands, process, grade, store and supply to Amhara forest enterprise (AFE) and other GOV’s, NGO’s, farmers and others interested in seed of tree species for propagation.

The scope of tree seed center (TSC)

The current working program of TSC is to make available quality and quantity of tree seed from identified, or selected seed source, making sustainable forest development in the region and adjacent regions. It has to be large contributor for economic growth and livelihood improvement of the community.

Goals and Objectives of TSC


Quality seed supply is one of the bottlenecks for forest development in the region. So far, alleviating this blockage and fulfilling the tree seed demand of the region and assuring sustainable forest development, to combat climate change thereby, livelihood enhancement and economic growth of the country.


To contribute for sustainable development and management of natural resources in the region by ensuring the availability of genetically suitable tree seed from selected, well-adapted and protected seed source both indigenous and exotic woody species in the region and nationwide through procurement and extension.

Tree seed source sites

The tree seed center has registered identified, selected, farmland 226 seed source sites

108 for indigenous and 118 seed source sites for exotic tree species.

133 sites are plantations planted started from 1970s other 93 are natural forests.

Classified in Seed source types are identified 78, selected 148, Orchards 2 (2010 new plantation.)

These tree seed sources are distributed throughout the region covering the attitudinal difference from 600 m (West Gonder, Metema) to 3300 m (South Gonder, Guna area) in 9 zones of the region.

Tree seed center infrastructure

  •  The tree seed center is one the four nationally established tree seed centers with seven separate buildings to enable the center with better working facilities. These are: Sundry hall
  •   Temporary storage of seeds received/cone store
  •   Seed processing room
  •   Material store room
  •   Machinery hall
  •   cold stores (-3°C to +12°C)
  •   Laboratory (Seed germination and microscope room)