Community Benefiting Works

Community development works by AFE

Amhara Forest Enterprise pays 5 percent of income, obtained from developed forests at different places, to the local community. The enterprise has also been supporting the community to spend the above stated share of income on community development works that the locals prioritize.

Accordingly, the following shows the amounts paid to the community from 2006 to 2011 Ethiopian Calendar in all branch offices of AFE.

5% community income shares from 2006 to 2011 Ethiopian Calendar

  •  Injibara: 1,798,030.51 ETB
  •   Finoteselam: 237,083.29 ETB
  •   Debrebirehan: 3,792,710.96 ETB
  •   Kombolcha: 1,453,699.17 ETB
  •   Gondar: 254,336.57 ETB
  •   Debretabor: 1,065,018.06 ETB
  •   Debremarkos: 2,725,088.21 ETB
  •   Woldia: 190,883.56 ETB
  •   Sum: 11,516,850.33 ETB
Job creation for youth in East Gojam

Among community benefiting works by Amhara Forest Enterprise, organizing and supporting youths to produce and sell tree seedlings to generate their income is one activity to be mentioned. An example for this is the activity done in East Gojam.

Elemetary school built by AFE

An elementary school was built by Amhara Forest Enterprise in North Shewa Zone as part of benefiting communities in and around forest areas.

communities around forest areas benefiting from grass

Communities around forest areas are being benefited from grass obtained in forests. AFE implements such activity as part of community development. This also encourages farmers to practice cut and carry system to feed their animals.

JFM in north shewa

Joint Forest Management is forest management mechanism of AFE along with organized group of community in and around forest areas. For example, the enterprise practices Joint Forest Management with this youth group in North Shewa zone.

Job creation in Dawunt woreda

This is a youth group in Dawunt woreda that produces seedlings of various trees to sell for AFE during planting times. AFE supports such groups as its responsibility to benefit communities living around forest areas.

Women forest seed collectors group

This is an organized women group to collect forest seed in identified seed sources. The group collects and sells to Amhara Forest Enterprise to generate income for its members.

Youth seedling producers in Awi zone

AFE has organized youth groups in Awi zone so that they generate income from seedling production. Seedlings produced by these youth groups are purchased by the enterprise during plantation times.

Youth seedling producers in North Shewa

This youth group in North Shewa was organized to involve in production of tree seedlings which they will sell to the enterprise for plantation of forests in the area.