Message from General Manager

Message of the General Manager

General Manager Mr Biadegelegn Shiferaw
Mr. Biadglign Shiferaw

Amhara Forest Enterprise was established on statue number of 70/2002 in 2009 by the regional Government of Amhara to accomplish four objectives፡ extensively developing and producing forest and forest products, creating wider job opportunities, to narrow the ever growing gap between supply and demand in wood and wood product and to enhance foreign exchange capacity by producing forest and forest products. Hence, it established 5 wood splinting factories and 2 wood processing factories, in share. The Enterprise has been guarding previously planted and matured forests from unplanned destruction, and it has been using the man made forest through scientific methods to acquire the necessary economic benefit from the forest sector. It has been conducting seedling plantation by participating the local farmers on communal lands through Joint Forest management by making legal Contractual agreements with them.

Hence, the enterprise has used 3600 hectare of matured man made forest and these Forest lands had been planted by the reforestation program. In return by using the income earned from the forest sector, the enterprise has been planting huge amount of forest, 17,060 hectare of land, including the 2018 summer plantation. For instance the Enterprise costs 51 million Birr for 2015, 2016, 2017& 2018 summer plantation, and the appropriate protection is carried on by deploying the required amount of guard.

The forest sector has paramount potential to create job for rural communities in seedling preparation, plantation, and seedling management and in business Enterprise. In case of Amhara Forest enterprise, a job has been created for 24,263 (M: 16920, F: 7,343) jobseekers (as of June 2018) on contractual base. The Enterprise has 428 permanent employees and 881 contract workers, total 1309, as of 2018 Human resource report.

To accomplish its mission on Forest industry product development, the organization produced 15,793 meter cub Timber, 13609 meter cub of veneer and 397,182 of plywood, in number, in its different wood processing factories that could create a potential to substitute the hard currency of importing the wood products from abroad. For instance,DebreBirhan Wood Processing factory begun to export Veneer and Plywood product in 2018. In addition, it has contributed to satisfy the high amount of demand for wood products in the region that was severely affected, especially the construction and wood processing sector.

Therefore, though Amahara Forest enterprise has been contributing for the regional economic development, it has faced irrational critics from different stakeholders by considering the organization, falsely, as private organization. So, we strongly call for the regional dwellers and concerned government stakeholders to alleviate the forest sector problems and to go on the right track to be center of wood industry that will benefit many rural households beyond the regional government.

Thank you!