Company Overview

Background of Amhara Forest Enterprise

Overview of AFE

Amahara Forest Enterprise (AFE), which is Developmental and governmental organization, established by the regional government with the statute no. 70/2002 to Develop Forest and wood industry with the initial cost of 76,339,163.00 birr.

Overview of AFE

The Enterprise launched its operation by making its Head quarter in Bahir Dar and by opening 3 Branches at Kombolcha, Debretabor and enjibara town with a total number of 18 permanent employees in 2009. Now (2018), AFE has 431 permanent workers and 848 contract workers with a total number of 1,327 workers. To conduct more Investment in the forest sector, AFE has grown its three Branches to eight branches, Debremarkos Branch, Finote Slam Branch, DebreBirhan Branch, WoldiYa Branch and Gonder Branch, and in addition to a new seed center that is found in Bahir Dar city.

In terms of developing man made forest, one of the four objectives of AFE, it has planted 17,060 hectare of land from 2009 to 2018. In terms of boosting the forest industry, AFE has built five wood splinting factories, in its own capital only, and it has been supplying wood products of different size of Timber for the society that saves our foreign currency of buying imported wood products. In addition to these, AFE built 2 wood Processing Factories at Debrebirhan city and Debresina city with other share holders of foreign nationals.

The Amhara region forest was idle for years apart its use for protecting the biodiversity of the area, and now it is time to use also for Economical purpose along side with creating safe and preserved ecosystem. Hence, AFE has been working to keep these two sides of one coin substances in its operation. It use matured man made forest and conduct reforestation program from the sale of these forest. We need your collaboration in all aspect of forest development.